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No data show any sustained improvement in athletic performance over time with continued dosing of ephedrine with caffeine [207]. A study published in “Neuroscience” in 2004 on HGH in laboratory animals over a period of four months found that the supplement helped improve age-related learning impairment and cognitive decline. Human growth hormone injections have been shown to increase muscle mass and reduce body fat in older adults, and in fact, HGH treatments like Jintropin may show more results in older adults than in younger adults.

In fact, consumption of citrulline might be a more efficient way to raise blood arginine levels than consumption of arginine because more citrulline is absorbed from the gut than arginine. There is general agreement that HMB helps speed up recovery from exercise of sufficient amount and intensity to induce skeletal muscle damage [63,65]. Therefore, trained athletes must exert themselves more than untrained individuals to potentially benefit from using the supplement. Some studies suggest that HMB use has additional benefits, including an ability to enhance strength, power, skeletal muscle hypertrophy, and aerobic performance in both trained and untrained people [63]. Beta-alanine supplementation appears to be safe at 1.6–6.4 g/day for up to 8 weeks [54].

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The two short-term studies in men described above found no side effects from the DHEA; blood lipid levels and liver function remained normal. Other studies have found that in women, use of DHEA for months significantly raises serum testosterone but not estrogen levels, which can cause acne and growth of facial hair [129]. Most studies have used citrulline malate, a combination of citrulline with malic acid (a constituent in many fruits that is also produced endogenously), because malate, an intermediate in the Krebs cycle, might enhance energy production [30]. The several small studies of athletes described in the previous paragraph who took betaine supplements for up to several weeks found no side effects or safety concerns. For any individual to physically perform at his or her best, a nutritionally adequate diet and sufficient hydration are critical. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans [10] and MyPlate [11] recommend such an eating plan for everyone.

  • This condition is rare, often caused by a pituitary tumor, and HGH helps to increase bone density, muscle mass and exercise capacity while decreasing body fat in these patients.
  • Exercise increases the body’s consumption of oxygen and induces oxidative stress, leading to the production of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species (i.e., free radicals) and the creation of more oxidized molecules in various tissues, including muscle.
  • The long half-life observed after subcutaneous administration is due to slow absorption from the injection site.
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  • Recreationally active individuals, in particular, might find the supplements to be ergogenic for one exercise session but not another.

Plasma NOx concentrations were determined using the Griess reagent (Green et al., 1982). Plasma concentrations of urea, glucose, lactate, NH3, glycerol, and non-esterified fatty acids were measured with an automatic analyzer (Hitachi 7020, Tokyo, Japan) using commercial kits (Randox, Antrim, UK). The changes in plasma volume were corrected for all blood parameters using hemoglobin concentration and hematocrit in whole blood (Costill and Fink, 1974). Men aged 20 to 50 should release a fair amount of GH at night while they’re sleeping; so taking this drug before bed will only suppress your natural output and result in wasted product. That said, most younger and middle-aged men should use HGH in the morning so that you essentially have two HGH spikes – one while you’re sleeping and one in the early morning. Blue tops HGH is a generic made product from China; so I’m betting he’s going to need around 5 IU’s to get the same results as 3 IU’s of a pharma-grade product.

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Among participants taking the androstenedione, testosterone levels increased significantly by 16% after 1 month of use but declined to pretreatment levels by 12 weeks, in part due to downregulation of endogenous testosterone synthesis. The research to support supplemental arginine as a performance enhancer is limited and conflicting. Overall, it suggests that doses of 2–20 g/day arginine have little to no effect on performance in either anaerobic or aerobic exercise [30,31]. Furthermore, arginine typically had no effect on nitric oxide concentration, blood flow, or exercise metabolites (e.g., lactate and ammonia), especially when well-trained athletes—including cyclists, tennis players, and judo practitioners—took the supplement for 1–28 days [30]. A recent review assessed 54 clinical studies examining the effects of arginine supplementation on strength performance, endurance, muscle blood volume and flow, cardiorespiratory measures, and nitric oxide production in healthy, active adults. The authors concluded that supplemental arginine (either alone or, more commonly, in combination with other ingredients, such as branched-chain amino acids [BCAAs] and lysine) provided little or no enhancement of athletic performance and did not improve recovery from exhaustion [33].

This allows your body to mimic the normal pattern of GH release that you’d have with a properly functioning pituitary gland. Assuming you’re just using HGH for anti-aging and general health benefits, you can get solid results with only 2-3 UI’s per day. With quality Serostim, you can see pretty good bodybuilding results with just 3-4 UI’s a day.


During this short duration, it binds to fat cells, causing them to break down into triglycerides and preventing these fat cells from uptaking lipids. HGH also binds to muscle cells, leading to the release of growth factors and multiplication of the cells. Sure, this compound doesn’t produce noticeable strength-boosting capabilities (7).

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Contrast this to AAS, which can have severe side effects depending upon the dosage. ProSpec’s products are furnished for LABORATORY RESEARCH USE ONLY.They may not be used as drugs,agricultural or pesticidal products, food additives or household chemicals. In the text below, each ingredient’s section begins with an introduction, followed by a summary of the scientific evidence of that ingredient’s efficacy and safety.

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Overall, participants could complete significantly more repetitions when taking the supplement and reported significantly less muscle soreness 1 and 2 days after the test. Although citrulline supplementation might increase plasma levels of nitric oxide metabolites, such a response has not been directly related to any improvement in athletic performance [30]. A growing number of clinical trials investigating beetroot juice or concentrate as an ergogenic aid have been published since 2007. Beetroot has generally improved performance and endurance to different extents compared with placebo among runners, swimmers, rowers, and cyclists in time trials and time-to-exhaustion tests, but not in all studies [40,41-45]. Performance benefits are more likely in recreationally active nonathletes than elite athletes [42,46]. One study in 10 recreationally active, young male cyclists suggested a dose-response relationship [47].

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The stimulation of skeletal growth increases linear growth rate (height velocity) in most somatropin-treated pediatric patients. Patients receiving somatropin therapy who have or are at risk for pituitary hormone deficiency(s) may be at risk for reduced serum cortisol levels and/or unmasking of central (secondary) hypoadrenalism. In addition, patients treated with glucocorticoid replacement for previously diagnosed hypoadrenalism may require an increase in their maintenance or stress doses following initiation of HUMATROPE treatment. Monitor patients for reduced serum cortisol levels and/or need for glucocorticoid dose increases in those with known hypoadrenalism [see DRUG INTERACTIONS].