« Despite the intrigue surrounding their alleged romance, both Drake and Serena maintained the silence of ambiguity about their romance, leaving admirers to speculate about the mother nature of their connection. Nicki Minaj (rumoured)Scouting by Drake’s dating historical past, we now appear to rapper Nicki Minaj. Drake and Nicki Minaj’s bond traces back to their shared tenure on Lil Wayne’s Youthful Dollars label , a camaraderie that has lasted far more than a ten years. Since Drake’s declaration of wanting to marry Nicki Minaj on his debut album Acquire Treatment in 2010, excitement of a prospective romance concerning the two has lingered in the air. A person noteworthy instance was in Nicki’s ‘Anaconda’ songs movie, where by she bestowed Drizzy with a playful lap dance, igniting more speculation about the depth of their connection. Moreover, Drake and Nicki teased their followers with a faux-relationship stunt, playfully hoodwinking fans into believing they had tied the knot. While Minaj has remained steadfast in categorising Drake as a brotherly determine, their playful antics and shared historical past keep on to gasoline speculations about the correct nature of their bond. Kylie Jenner (2019)In late 2019, whispers emerged suggesting that Kylie Jenner, clean from her break up with Travis Scott, may possibly have crossed paths romantically with Drake. Sources hinted at ‘mutual feelings’ between them.

On the other hand, subsequent reports indicated a cooling off, with insiders suggesting Kylie was deterred by Drake’s status as a infamous womaniser, affirming, « She’s smarter than that. « Drake’s association with the Kardashian-Jenners, spanning yrs of friendship and collaborations, added levels of intrigue to the alleged affair. Notably, he graced Kylie’s 16th birthday celebration with a unforgettable performance. In Might 2020, a track surfaced in the course of a livestream that includes Drake referring to Kylie as a ‘side-piece,’ prompting swift clarification from filipinocupid reddit the rapper on Instagram.

He attributed the mishap to an old leak, apologising for any unintended offence caused to his pals. Addressing the incident, Drake expressed his determination to preserving the respect of those people close to him, guaranteeing they did not really feel slighted by the lyrics. Kylie, reportedly, took the matter in stride, laughing off the song’s content. Julia Fox (2020)While Julia Fox’s whirlwind romance with Kanye West produced headlines, her even a lot more fleeting romance with Drake remained mostly under the radar. In a revealing episode of her Forbidden Fruits podcast in February 2022, Fox shared insights into her face with Drake. Describing him as a « excellent dude and a gentleman, » she clarified that their conversation was purely platonic.

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« Almost nothing really happened, we have been just, like, buddies hanging out, » Fox disclosed, firmly dispelling any notions of intimate entanglement. « I wouldn’t say that we were dating, » she affirmed. Moreover, Fox drop mild on the evolving dynamics between Drake and West, suggesting that their animosity had subsided. She candidly knowledgeable West about her dialogue with Drake early on, underscoring her commitment to honesty in associations. In a subsequent interview on Look at What Happens Live With Andy Cohen in January 2023, Fox permit slip that Drake was, in simple fact, her most memorable celeb day.

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In spite of in the beginning maintaining his id under wraps, she recounted the attract of currently being whisked away on a personal jet, indulging in intimate times, and even obtaining Chanel bags as tokens of passion, bringing to the fore another bougie escapade in Drake’s relationship history. Naomi Sharon (2020)In the ballad of Certified Lover Boy, a new verse emerged – that of Naomi Sharon. The recording classes of Drake’s album intertwined with whispers of romance, leaving hearts aflutter and tongues wagging. Rumours swirled that Drake may perhaps have played a section in the break up of Sharon’s partnership with her now ex-fiancé Jamie Sunshine. Yet, amidst the whispers, each Drake and Sharon retain a stoic silence, leaving the entire world to speculate on the character of their relationship.

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